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blockchain developer, golang, research at rareskills

Open Source Work

  • gast: command-line toolkit for Ethereum transactions, written in Go (send blob and EIP-1559 transactions, deploy solidity contracts, sign and verify messages, trace transactions, estimate transaction gas usage, get gas price on EVM networks).
  • secp256k1-huff: secp256k1 elliptic curve library written in Huff, an EVM assembly language.
  • huff-puzzles: learn EVM bytecode with the Huff language.
  • zyclone: optimized token mixer for Ethereum utilizing zkSNARKs. 500% cheaper than Tornado cash.
  • solidity-riddles: a collection of Solidity security exercises and puzzles to test your knowledge of Solidity's more esoteric features.
  • solidity-exercises: exercises to learn solidity.
  • noir puzzles: introductory Noir (a domain Specific Language for SNARK proving systems) puzzles.
  • solidity developer roadmap: roadmap with resources to learn solidity, hardhat and foundry.

Selected writings